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Q - Do I need my membership card to get into the lodge.
A - Yes - You should have your membership card on you at all times.

Q - Can the spouse of a member sign a guest in?
A - No - A spouse does not need to sign in; but they are not permitted to sign in a guest. 
       Only a member has that privilege. (GL Section 14.130)

Q - I lost my membership card. Can I get a replacement?
A - Yes - Stop by the lodge office during regular business hours and a new one can be issued (price $1).

Q - Can I get in to other lodges as a member of the Greensboro lodge?
A - Yes - You are a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America. You are welcome in any lodge in the country by displaying your membership card.

Q - I am a previous member. Can I come to the lodge as a guest?
A - No - A member not in good standing cannot be signed in as a guest. (House Rule #5)

Q - Can I leave my guest at the club after I leave?
A - No - A member must stay with his invited guest at all times. (House Rule #5)

Q - Can I bring my 18 year old son downstairs to play pool?
A - No - No one under the age of 21 is permitted downstairs at any time. (House Rule #16)

Q - Is my spouse allowed to use the workout room downstairs?
A - Yes - A recent House Rule change allows this if the spouse is 21 or over. No guests are allowed.

Q - Is there a grace period for paying my dues?
A - No - A member of the lodge whose dues have not been paid in advance is positively forbidden to 
       use the club facilities or attend any function of the lodge or club. (House Rule #4)

Q - Can I obtain an application online?
A - No - In order to become an Elk you need to be sponsored by a member. The member can get you an application by picking one up at the lodge.

Q - Can I join the pool without becoming an Elk?
A - No - The pool membership is a privilege offered only to our members in good standing.

Q - Is there a children's menu in the dining room?
A - Yes - It's under the heading "Future Elks" on the menu.

Q - Is there an ATM at the lodge?
A - Yes - There are two ATMs: located in the upstairs dining room and the downstairs lounge.

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